Photo Booth Rentals – 3 things to consider!

Bride & Groom w/ the Capture Cube Booth design by Incredibooths !

Welcome to the blog home for long island photo booth rentals.

When looking to rent a photo booth one thing is for sure – all photo booths are NOT created equal! Here are 3 simple things to ask a photo booth company you are interviewing:

1. Ask about the camera! – The quality of the pics when printed on small strips or a 4 x 6 is often overlooked. However when given the raw images sky is the limit on what you can do with your photo booth pics… IF they are great quality! Many photo booths use surveillance type video cameras to take still images (yes, we can’t make that up). Make sure the company you go with uses a photo camera to take your PHOTO-graphs! The best long island photo booth rental companies will use DSLR’s, but a point and shoot at bare minimum!

2. Ask how many booths they own! – If a company has only 1 or 2 photo booths what ¬†happens if something goes wrong! No matter what anyone says having extra is always a good thing right! It’s the age old adage – “better to have it and not need it then need it and not have it”. A professional photo booth company may charge more but rest assured they have a minimum of 5 photo booths in operation.

3. Ask to see the booths! – At minimum ask if you can see the booths in person. Even if your schedule does not allow, the companies response should be open and willing to have you come in and check out the new york photo booths. Do they not have an office? Are they back and forth about when you can take a look? This should be a sign that you may be working with your classic “week-end warrior”. A professional photo booth rental company will welcome you in to take a look!

For more suggestions on booking a new york photo booth rental and to see the hottest long island photo booth rentals on the market check out the best in new york photo booths!

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